What To See In Benidorm

Benidorm has so much to see and do. It is well worth exploring  away from the immediate area of your hotel. Here are some ideas of what we consider to be the top 10! Check out the Map Page to help you find your way around.

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The promenades of Levante and Poniente beaches.

Noticeably different with miles of pedestrian safe walkways by the sea.
Lined with cafes and restaurants to stop for refreshments.
With of course great views of the two main bays and of the Old Town, which is a natural division between the two.

Poniente Promenade
The Old Town.

The old town. This lies between the two main beaches and even has its’ own small beach called Malpas, which is beneath a headland that juts out to sea, called the Mirador or viewing point. There are fabulous views from here, often as far as Alicante. The old town itself is a network of narrow streets, designed to keep out the fierce summer sun.  Here you will find cosy restaurants and tapas bars, and clubs favoured by the Gay community. The church is worth a visit and is usually open in the mornings and during a service. On summer evenings a craft market can be found at the top of the old town, where there are old canons from the days when there was a castle up there.

Old Town Top
Old Town
The Harbour.

Benidorm has always had a harbour, in years gone by the local fishermen came and went from there, but now it is mainly used for pleasure craft, boat trips and sea sports.
You can board a boat to the island from here, or for a trip along the coast to the island or Tabarca or a lovely day trip to Calpe.

Benidorm Harbour
Elche Park.

This lovely park of palm trees provides welcome shade on hot days. There is a children’s play park, exercise machines and a pretty fountain that changes colours at night. This is a popular place for Spanish people to promenade. You will see a replica sculpture of ‘La Dama d’Elche’.
The original is in a museum, but there is another replica that welcomes visitors to Alicante airport.


Elche Park
Aiguera Park.

On a map, this park looks like a green finger that separates the old and newer parts of town. It has been well designed with amphitheatres for concerts, childrens play parks and picnic places as well as a palm fringed walkway up to the bullring.
The park starts just after the town hall square, which is the venue for many events during the year.

Aiguera Park.
The Cross.

This huge cross stands on the hills above Benidorm.
If you are feeling fit you can climb up to enjoy the amazing views, or alternatively you can get a taxi.
It is illuminated at night and is now considered part of the landscape.

Benidorm Cross
The New Town & Rincon.

The area behind Levante beach is known as the new town and it is there that you will find most of the pubs and nightclubs and entertainment venues, along with hotels and shops.

The Rincon means corner in Spanish and generally refers to the area at the end of the Levante beach under the Sierra Helada, where there is the statue of the boy riding the dolphin. In summer months the boat that goes to the island stops at the jetty there. There is also the water ski ing circuit, that you can see from the webcam and Carlos water sports.

The British Square Benidorm
The Triangle.

Where the old town begins, there is a little green area with a huge tree, along with seats  to watch the world go by.
From here you can walk to the shopping area, with boutiques and famous named stores.

The Triangle Benidorm
Avenue Mediterraneo.

This very long and wide avenue, joins the old and new towns and most of the bus routes operate here.
There are shops, restaurants, hotels, cafes, a children’s fair, crazy golf as well as a casino.

Avenue Mediterraneo.
Benidorm Markets.

Everyone it seems loves a market. In Benidorm they are on Wednesday and Sunday mornings near the Hotel Pueblo. There is also another market on Wednesday morning near to the bullring.
There is of course an indoor market as well in the Rincon end of town.

Benidorm Markets.