Terra Natura – Valencian Community Party

Valencian Community Day 9th October 2018

On the Day of the Valencian Community in Terra Natura Zoo we evoke the legend of the bat that alerted Jaume I. Enjoy the Day with a special program of traditional activities with dances, music, folk dances and various workshops.

In Terra Natura Benidorm we celebrate the Day of the Valencian Community with a historical representation about the entrance of Jaume I to the city of Valenciana that will have the legend of the bat as the main axis of the narrative. This myth tells that it was a bat that alerted Jaume I to the attack of the Arab troops of Ibn-Al-Abbar.

In addition to this performance, the program will include various workshops with popular activities. The day of October 9 will begin with a session of dances and dances that will receive visitors from 10.30 to 12.00. With the aim of disseminating and transmitting the trades, a workshop and a esparto exhibition will be organized in which the public will be able to learn the manipulation techniques of this plant.

At midday the representation of Jaume I will take place, in which two jesters will tell the story of the conquest of Valencia. The legend of the bat tells the moment in which Jaume I besieged the city of Valencia with his troops to wrest control from the Arabs. The story tells how a bat made strange sounds near the tent where King Jaume I slept, which alerted the Christian troops.
Thanks to this, it was discovered that the Moorish army was near the Christian camp and intended to attack them. In gratitude to the bat, Jaume I had his image placed on the highest part of the shield of the city of Valencia. The fun will continue with other leisure activities such as the exhibition of poisonous creatures, the flight of birds of prey, feeding elephants and tigers, or the development of a goblotà for children, which will take place in the Europe area at 2:00 pm hours. Half an hour later, the music will be played again with popular dances and dances.

Also, a workshop of typical sweets of the Valencian Community and an archery workshop will be organized. As the closing of the holiday, the medieval warriors will make a demonstration of handling their weapons. The public can also enjoy the ‘School of Warriors and Princesses’.

Entrance to the park on 09 October.
All free celebrations as described.


Buses number 1 & 3 go to the park from Benidorm.
See timetable here – https://bit.ly/2RwxxC7

Food and drinks.

There are cafes in the park or you are welcome to bring your own picnic.

Buses number 1 & 3 go to the park from Benidorm.
See timetable here – https://bit.ly/2RwxxC7


Adults: 21.00 €uro
(13 to 59 Years)

Children & Seniors: 15.00 €uro
(Children 4 – 11 years of age)
(Seniors + 60 years of age)

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